Betsey Johnson pleated mini skirt- Size 4 – $50.00

Oh my Goth, you guys! I wore this skirt once to a coworker’s holiday party. This skirt is short at 14.5″ from waist to hem. Whether you’re rockin’ the goth or sexy librarian look, show off them legs. It’s a weighty skirt, with the lining and hardware, and it’s crazy hot (as in sexy). This skirt features decorative bronze colored buckles at the side, and zips up the front—but you can wear the zipper any damn way you please! I’ll throw in that cute yellow Banana Republic sweater (size small) for free.


All Saints leather studded jacket – Size 4 – $250.00

This jacket is so hot. I bought it for 700.00 and wore it once. I got it right around the time All Saints opened a store in downtown Seattle. Women’s size 8. All Saints uses UK sizing, so this means it’s actually a women’s size 4, or will fit a very tiny David Bowie sized man.  Before you think this is too rock and roll for everyday wear, remember there is no such thing as too much rock.